Most people would call the information on this page ministries and that is correct, but we could also call them “reaching out”. Most churches do reach out to their communities and to the world, and we are no different. It’s what we believe, it’s what is in our hearts, it’s our calling – it’s Following Jesus…Sharing His Love. Church updates on Facebook Carrollton First UMC.

Wild WednesdayWild Wednesdays

Wild Wednesday is where we’re “Wild about Jesus”. Anyone is invited to come during the fall and winter for supper, singing, Bible stories, games, crafts, and fun! We meet from 6:00-7:30pm. Classes begin at age 4, and continue through 8th grade. Youth in grades 6 through high school are also invited to the Church Youth Group 6-7:30pm at The Bridge or BASIC Youth Group on Wednesdays from 6-8pm at the One Way Youth Center. For parents who attend, there is a nursery available for your little ones. Wild Wednesday is from September through March!

Wild Wednesday is all about Jesus and developing friendships with others in our community. We start in September and continue until springtime.

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One Way Youth & BASIC Youth

Call Olivia at 330-627-7751 or email Olivia

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The Youth Ministry at Carrollton First is all about forming committed relationships. Our primary focus is to look at how God would want us to handle relationships. This includes every relationship that we face in our daily lives, from family and friends to God and the church. Secondly, we hope to broaden the youths horizons, on what is out there in the world. We do this by providing several local mission trips, as well as having videos from all over the world to add to each lesson. These focuses are encouraged by purposeful fellowship and teaching/discussion that is relative to teenagers while simultaneously being filled with God, the Bible, and Christian fellowship.

There will be many opportunities for the youth to grow in Christian fellowship and in their Christian faith throughout their time in youth group. Some of the activities include, but are not limited to: weekly youth group meetings (Wednesday nights from 6-8 pm at the One Way Youth Center), weekend retreats (to dive deeper into some of our focus points during the year: One in the fall, winter, and spring),Yearly Spring Break mission trip (past trips: OPEN M in Akron) yearly summer mission trip (past trips: West Virginia, Maine, Jamaica, Washington D.C.), Church camps (held during the summer months). There will also be other short trips and service projects that will take place throughout the year.

The main goal of the youth ministry is to create an environment where youth can come to a personal relationship with God and grow in that relationship through discipleship. Another goal is to develop student leaders from youth within the group to be examples to the other youth and help to lead/assist in youth meetings. Lastly, God is always sought to be the focus in everything done within youth ministry at Carrollton First. We do not participate in an activity or retreat “just because,” but, instead we offer opportunities to become closer to God and each other through purposeful meetings and activities.

Military Addresses
Please submit military addresses to the church office.

Keep In Touch

There are people in our church family who have been coming to this church for a great many years. But suddenly, they may have stopped coming and we are left wondering what happened to them. As we age or perhaps our health becomes less than what it was, it can be difficult to get out and do the things we used to. And that includes coming to church on Sundays.

So why not bring the church to them – or at least some of it? The idea is to ‘keep in touch’ in ways that work best for those who can’t be with us on Sunday mornings. A ‘visit’ some days may consist of a card or phone call. On other occasions, a special delivery from our church family will be made.

Keep In Touch is a team of people who go and regularly visit those who cannot get out. It’s about keeping these people connected with their church family, and letting them know we care.