Upcoming Events

Our church’s Charge Conference with DS Rev. Bruce Hitchcock is Sunday, October 7 at 5:30 p.m. in the sanctuary of Carrollton First UMC. All are invited and encouraged to attend to support the transition and ministry.

October Sermon SeriesThe pastors will be using the book “Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire” by Jim Cymbala for their sermon series in October. You may find it beneficial to read the book ahead of time or have it to follow along. The book is available on Amazon for $11.55.  (This book will also be used for our Wed. Night FLAME Bible Study.)

Let’s Feed the CHS Football Team
Each Thursday following practice the Carrollton Warrior High School Football Team gathers for a meal. Carrollton First UMC/The Bridge is sponsoring the Oct. 11th meal for approximately 80 players and coaching staff. There is a sign-up sheet in the hallway/information table if you would like to sign up to donate food. Questions please see PK. Please bring in donated food items to Carrollton First UMC during office hours by Wednesday, October 10 OR bring with you to FLAME that night. (List is divided between both locations!)

NEW Wednesday Evening Program!
In the book of Acts we read, “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” Acts 2: 42. So what does that look like for us in 2018 midst a crazy and busy world? To start with, we have to be intentional about our faith development. It is with much excitement that we share an opportunity to be just that, intentional!

On Wednesday, October 3 we will be launching a new program called “FLAME.

Family Love Abounds in Multi-generational Experiences

Based upon Acts 2:42, we will break bread together, fellowship and of course worship and study the Word of God, as we gather each week at The Yellow Brick Church.

Here is the basic breakdown for our vision of a FLAME evening- (keep in mind that this is new, so schedule and program will be adapted as needed throughout the year.)

5:30-6p Dinner
6-6:15p Clean Up as a Church Family
6:15-7p Worship
7-8p Small Groups: Youth, Children’s Ministry, Adult Classes/Small Groups, Prayer

Nursery will be available from 6-8p for younger children.

The great part of this evening is you can come as your schedule allows. Can’t be here for 3 hours? Join us for what you can.

Fall Session will run from October 3-December 12th. We will take a short break to celebrate Christmas with our families and reconvene on January 9th.

Safety and Security Announcement
Effective July 2, 2018, you will experience the first step of a comprehensive safety and security plan, as all the doors of the church will remain locked during the week. A “buzzer system” will be activated, so that when you come to the church during regular Office Hours:

  1. You will press a buzzer located by the door at the parking lot.
  2. A friendly voice will greet you through an intercom system.
  3. You will be granted entry into the building, by pressing a button that will temporarily unlock the door.

A plan for allowing access to the building for persons normally coming to the church outside regular office hours is also being put into place. So, if you are a staff person, chairperson of a committee or ministry team, or one who regularly needs access to the church, please check with the office.

Using the Church’s Tables and Chairs: As parties are being planned, please remember to check with the office about equipment usage such as tables & chairs (or reserving fellowship hall.)