Upcoming Events

Safety and Security Announcement
Effective July 2, 2018, you will experience the first step of a comprehensive safety and security plan, as all the doors of the church will remain locked during the week. A “buzzer system” will be activated, so that when you come to the church during regular Office Hours:

  1. You will press a buzzer located by the door at the parking lot.
  2. A friendly voice will greet you through an intercom system.
  3. You will be granted entry into the building, by pressing a button that will temporarily unlock the door.

A plan for allowing access to the building for persons normally coming to the church outside regular office hours is also being put into place. So, if you are a staff person, chairperson of a committee or ministry team, or one who regularly needs access to the church, please check with the office.

Welcome & Meet: : Rev. Bruce Hitchcock, the new Ohio Valley District Superintendent, will be at Carrollton First UMC’s worship services on Sunday, July 15.

New ministry to provide meals to help our church family who are recovering from medical issues, personal crisis, loss, or have newborn infants.

Who we serve: Our church family—we reserve all meal requests for attenders or members of Carrollton First UMC/The Bridge.

How long does a meal schedule last: Tentatively, dinner meal schedules will be 1 week—served every other day. (Approx. 3-4 dinners).

How to ask for help: If you are asking for help on behalf of someone within our church, please get their permission first before you contact us. Meal requests are made through calling Carole Salisbury or the church office 330-627-7671.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SERVE in the Meals Ministry

 Sign-up sheets are out now so that we can have people in place! Sign up to provide a meal, sign up to deliver a meal, or sign up to do both.

 ***We hope to have the Meal Brigade in place by mid-August.

CHURCH YOUTH GROUP: Wednesdays from 6-7:30 p.m. at The Bridge. Youth in grades 6-12 welcome! Contact the church office or Roni Knotts for more info.

Summer Musicians
Attention: Vocalists, musical groups, instrumentalists,
Sign-up sheets are out for Carrollton First UMC’s summer music program – Please share your talents at one or both services. See the sign-up sheets outside the sanctuary for dates. Contact Molly Winters with questions.

Carrollton Schools CARE Teams
CARE Teams for Carrollton Schools are actively assisting a variety of families from our community to keep students from “falling through the cracks” educationally and otherwise. Below is a list of the items that families can receive from CARE Team to help with their everyday needs. Please note:
The following items are in critical shortage right now:
• toilet paper (4 packs)
• paper towels
• laundry soap
• men’s and women’s deodorant
• body wash
• men’s shampoo
• children’s shampoo/body wash (no tears)
• bathroom cleaner
• dish soap

Using the Church’s Tables and Chairs: As parties are being planned, please remember to check with the office about equipment usage such as tables & chairs (or reserving fellowship hall.)