Upcoming Events

Celebrate the Ministry of Rev. Dan & Barb Loomis

DATE CHANGE! Due to anticipated weather conditions, the decision was made to postpone the Open House until Sunday, January 27 from 2-5pm in the Fellowship Hall at Carrollton First UMC. Light refreshments will be served.

Membership Class
Are you interested in becoming a member or learning about the Methodist church? Pastor Kimberly is having a Membership Class during Lunch with Jesus (12-1pm) at The Bridge. If you can’t attend during this time but would like to know more, please contact Pastor Kimberly to set up a time to discuss.

Nehemiah Mission Opportunity: March 1-3, 2019
Cost is $40 per person (must be paid to hold reservation). Limit of 20 people. See Dale Baker for more information.

Giving Opportunities: Carrollton Schools
CARE Teams for Carrollton Schools are actively assisting a variety of families from our community to keep students from “falling through the cracks” educationally and otherwise. Below is a list of the items that families can receive from CARE Team to help with their everyday needs. Please note, the following items are in critical shortage:
• toilet paper (4 packs)
• paper towels
• laundry soap
• men’s and women’s deodorant
• body wash
• men’s shampoo
• children’s shampoo/body wash (no tears)
• bathroom cleaner
• dish soap

Safety and Security Announcement
Effective July 2, 2018, you will experience the first step of a comprehensive safety and security plan, as all the doors of the church will remain locked during the week. A “buzzer system” will be activated, so that when you come to the church during regular Office Hours:

  1. You will press a buzzer located by the door at the parking lot.
  2. A friendly voice will greet you through an intercom system.
  3. You will be granted entry into the building, by pressing a button that will temporarily unlock the door.

A plan for allowing access to the building for persons normally coming to the church outside regular office hours is also being put into place. So, if you are a staff person, chairperson of a committee or ministry team, or one who regularly needs access to the church, please check with the office.

Using the Church’s Tables and Chairs: As parties are being planned, please remember to check with the office about equipment usage such as tables & chairs (or reserving fellowship hall.)