Christian Resources

Below are some interesting links that include topics such as Bible studies, personal devotions, family and parenting, music and entertainment, etc. If you have a trusted Christian website, please email us the link and we’ll post it here.


No matter how busy life gets, we must try to find a way to devote personal time to Christ, whether it be in prayer, reading Scripture, or just spending quiet time with Him. Focus On Christ daily.
Upper Room Daily Devotional Daily Devotional
Tyndale Daily Devotional Daily Devotional

Bible Study

Stay in the Word. That’s the best way to put. To get to know God, to gain understanding and wisdom and to hear what He is trying to tell us is found right in the Bible. Studying the Bible may seem boring and difficult to understand, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Put your heart into it and check out some of the links below.’s Bible Study Tools
Tyndale House Publishers Study Bibles
Tyndale House Publishers Audio Bibles
Tyndale House Publishers Bible study software (Ilumina)
Berean Christian Stores
Follow The Rabbi (The insightful teachings of Ray Vander Laan)

Christian Living and Commentary

Focus on the Family: Dr. James Dobson
Ligonier Ministries: Dr. R.C. Sproul
Albert Dr. Albert Mohler
Dave Managing your family’s finances with Christ at the center
Josh An ordinary man who God is using in extraordinary ways
Answers In Genesis: Creation and countering the world’s theory of evolution
Plugged In: Movie, music and television show reviews

An Expository Dictionary of Bible Words can be very helpful. This is a book where you can look up various words to see what they meant in Hebrew or Greek. This can help you have a better understanding of Scripture, because the English language sometimes does not have the full meaning.

Here’s an interesting way to review Vine’s Expository Dictionary of Bible Words

Timelines, maps and other historical sources can also help you visualize when and where certain events took place, the lay of the land or what the times were like back then.