Videos and Downloadable Content

E-Bulletin PDF

Carrollton First UMC has now made bulletins available online! Simply click the button below to download a PDF of the bulletin. 

We have also made the bulletins available through the YouVersion Bible App. A tutorial video is available if you scroll farther down on this page. 

Statement from the Discipleship Board

Statement from Carrollton First UMC Discipleship Board pertaining to General Conference can be found using the button below:

The Experience

Join our Facebook group to connect with others, have meaningful conversation, and discuss each week’s episode –

Small Group Showcase

Have you been wanting to get involved in a Bible study or small group, but don’t know where to begin? This video will be helpful to you! Watch to hear from each group’s leader/facilitator, learn what their groups are about and the days and times they will be held! Sign up for a Summit Group online using the button below or use the sign-up sheets in person at either location.

Stewardship: Then & Now

Curious about what stewardship campaigns looked like in the 1960’s? We’ve made a video that uses photos and verbiage from an old Carrollton First UMC stewardship booklet! 

Online Giving Tutorial Video

Watch this video and head to to try it yourself!

New Fundraiser for Africa University

Please help us raise money for Africa University by using the Shop with Scrip/Raise Right mobile app to purchase gift cards! You purchase gift cards to either give to others or spend yourself and the church receives a certain percentage of your spendings. We will put all funds earned towards the Africa University Women’s Dorm! Watch the tutorial on the left to see how it works. 


**ENROLLMENT CODE in the video is not valid. Please contact the church office for the current code.

Shop with Scrip website:

Bible Reading Plan

This plan takes you through the entire bible in one year. The scriptures are divided up into sixteen “parts” and organized in semi-chronological order. 
When to Start: We will be reading the plan together starting the first Monday of Lent: February 22, 2021. For more info, see:

Access, download, and/or print a PDF of the reading plan by using the button below!

Photo/Video Release Form

Please fill out this form in order to give Carrollton First UMC permission to post photos and videos of you (and/or your family) in print, electronic and/or web-based productions to promote ministries. 

For a PDF version of this form, please use the button below to download/save/print. Fill out the form completely and return it to the Yellow Brick Church (253 S. Lisbon St.) An online version of this form is available at

Course Catalog PDF

Carrollton First UMC has created a Course Catalog, featuring our upcoming small group offerings.

Download it by using the button below! You will have the option to download and print after opening the catalog. 

YouVersion App Tutorial (Online Bulletins)

In this video, Autumn walks us through downloading the YouVersion Bible App and teaches us how to access Carrollton First UMC’s Online Bulletins.

YouVersion App Tutorial (Starting Plans)

In this video, Autumn walks us through downloading the YouVersion Bible App and teaches us how to start reading plans!

Why Do You Give to CFUMC?

This is a message from our Stewardship Team! They were asked the question, “Why do you give to your church?”

"God's Great Love for Us"

In this video, Pastor Kimberly describes the love of God and explains that He always loves each of us, no matter what we may be experiencing in life.

“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.” -1 John 3:1

"What I Miss" by Justified Youth

This video, created by our wonderful Youth Director, Lisa, features our youth group. They share with us some of the things that they miss about face-to-face worship.

Children's Message: Jesus Appears Before the Disciples

In this children’s video, Pastor Kimberly tells the story of the moments in which Jesus revealed Himself to the disciples after His resurrection.

A Message from Amber Wade, Stewardship Chair

If you would like more information about our giving options, feel free to contact the church office or Amber Wade. We would never want someone to give that can’t financially afford to, especially in these uncertain times, however; if you are able to give we ask that you do so out of gratitude for the work God is doing in your life. If you find yourself needing financial assistance please contact the church so we may help you.

Lent Childrens Message 5 - Crown of Thorns

In this video, lesson five of our Lent children’s message series, Pastor Kimberly teaches the meaning of the crown of thorns.

Wilderness Experience Devotional

Pastor Kimberly talks with us about how “wilderness experiences” allow us to grow.

Lent Childrens Message 4 - The Rooster

In this video, the fourth lesson of our Lent children’s message series, Pastor Kimberly teaches about the rooster and its key role in the story of Christ’s crucifixion.

Prayer Time with Pastor Kimberly

Please join Pastor Kimberly to pray for those who are sick.

Lent Children's Message Lesson 3: The Bread and the Cup

In Lesson 3 of our Lent children’s message series, Pastor Kimberly teaches the significance of the bread and the cup.

Lent Children's Message Lesson 2: Palm Branches

In Lesson 2 of our Lent children’s message series, Pastor Kimberly teaches the significance of palm branches.

Lent Children's Message Lesson 1: Ashes

In Lesson 1 of our Lent children’s message series, Pastor Kimberly teaches the significance of the ashes. 

Jesus Multiplies the Loaves and Fishes

Pastor Kimberly walks us through Mark 6:30-46, which is the passage where Jesus multiplies the loaves and fishes in Tabgha.

Announcement from Pastor Kimberly - March 20, 2020

March 19, 2020 Announcement from Pastor Kimberly. We are following the advice of the Governor of Ohio, the Bishop of the East Ohio Conference, and the Carroll County Health Department during this time of uncertainties. We are creating ways to still maintain contact with all of you! Just because face-to-face worship is canceled does NOT mean that all worship is canceled. We are still available to you for phone calls, emails, etc. if you would like prayer or if you simply need to talk.