Outreach & Member Care

Most people would call the information on this page ministries and that is correct, but we could also call them “reaching out”. Most churches do reach out to their communities and to the world, and we are no different. It’s what we believe, it’s what is in our hearts, it’s our calling – it’s Following Jesus…Sharing His Love. Church updates on Facebook

Carrollton First UMC.


Graduate Luncheon 2019 – The 2019 luncheon plans are underway! Look for details soon. High school seniors, save the date – Wednesday, May 22. (In 2018 –  We had 65 graduating seniors come to The Bridge on Wednesday, May 23.)

Ladies Tea/Brunch/Painting Party – tea/brunch will start at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 4 at The Bridge; followed by a painting class at 11:00 a.m. Look for more details soon!

Meal Brigade

Ministry to provide meals to help our church family who are recovering from medical issues, personal crisis, loss, or have newborn infants.

Who we serve: Our church family—we reserve all meal requests for attenders or members of Carrollton First UMC/The Bridge.

How long does a meal schedule last: Tentatively, dinner meal schedules will be 1 week—served every other day. (Approx. 3-4 dinners).

How to ask for help: If you are asking for help on behalf of someone within our church, please get their permission first before you contact us. Meal requests are made through calling Carole Salisbury or the church office 330-627-7671.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SERVE in the Meals Ministry – please contact the office.

Keep In Touch - Special Friends

There are people in our church family who have been coming to this church for a great many years. But suddenly, they may have stopped coming and we are left wondering what happened to them. As we age or perhaps our health becomes less than what it was, it can be difficult to get out and do the things we used to. And that includes coming to church on Sundays.

So why not bring the church to them – or at least some of it? The idea is to ‘keep in touch’ in ways that work best for those who can’t be with us on Sunday mornings. A ‘visit’ some days may consist of a card or phone call. On other occasions, a special delivery from our church family will be made.

Keep In Touch is a team of people who go and regularly visit those who cannot get out. It’s about keeping these people connected with their church family, and letting them know we care.

Keep in Touch - College Student

During the months of October and March, items are collected to send care packages to our college students. There will be a box outside the worship space. Items you can contribute include greeting cards, gift cards to fast food or other restaurants, gas cards, store gift cards, school supplies, baked goods, or any other small item you think they might enjoy.

One Way Youth Center

The One Way Youth Center is now closed. See article from the Free Press Standard

One Way Youth Center closed, building sold, corp. kept intact

CARROLLTON – Officials with the Board of Trustees of the One Way Youth Ministry recently announced the closing of the One Way Youth Center and the sale of the building.

Rev. Dan Loomis, senior pastor of Carrollton First United Methodist Church and board member of One Way Youth Ministry, said the decision to close the center, located on McCook Ave., Carrollton, came following a lot of prayer and discernment.

“Our director, Olivia Coil, tendered her resignation in January,” explained Loomis. “It was no secret the building had deteriorated over the years and was in need of repair. These two things, along with the facts that the school is moving to the new building complex on SR 332 and attendance was declining, were factored into the decision.”

The board of directors of the One Way Youth Center voted during a Feb. 15 meeting to close the center and sell the building. The One Way member board, comprised of 15 individuals, affirmed the decision.

“The corporation will be kept intact and the 501c3 status will be retained,” Loomis said. “The board is open to the possibility of the lease or purchase of another facility in the community in the future. We are now in prayer and discernment looking for direction from God as to how to proceed with this ministry. We are open to conversation with other churches in the community as well.”

One Way Youth Center began in 1986 and was incorporated in 1991. Its first home was in the basement of the dental office of Dr. Carl Winters on N. Lisbon St.

“It was the brain child of Rev. Rodney Buchanan and lay persons of the First United Methodist Church,” said Loomis.

In 1991, the former New Wine Covenant Church was purchased on McCook Ave. and the center moved into the new location.

Originally, several local churches were involved. Over the years, many of those churches began their own youth ministries and moved to their own building, according to Loomis.

Loomis said the building was recently sold to a person who owns land adjacent to the property.

“The members of the One Way Board of Trustees and the One Way Members Board truly desire to continue to be in ministry with and for the youth of Carrollton and Carroll County. We pledge to keep the youth and the community apprised of any future plans as they might unfold. It will take a lot of prayer, and we ask that the youth and members of the community please join us in that prayer,” Loomis concluded.