Multiply Part IV

Description: Studying the most formative 9 components of the Old Testament as it leads to the development of the New Testament.
Time: Wednesdays, April 7– June 2 ,6:30-8pm
Location: The Yellow Brick Church

Spiritual Formation Workshop

Description: (From Rev. Baker) I will be glad to meet with any who can come on April 22 (6:30 pm) to practice a process of reading/studying the Bible. When I was with you, you may have heard me say, “The difference between someone reading the Bible and studying the Bible is a pencil.” So bring one. The Bible is given so that we can “hear a word from the Lord” rather than merely learning about God. We will not search for “right answers.”  You don’t need commentaries.  You will use the Bible, a pencil and a prayer that asks God to “speak a word to us.” 

This is a hands on time. We will practice the process not just talk about it.  No one will be embarrassed because they “don’t know enough.” It will be good to see any of you who can come.  We’ll plan on concluding by 7:30. If we want to go a little longer, I am willing to stay. 

TimeApril 22, 6:30pm-7:30pm (with time for questions at the end if needed)


Location: The Yellow Brick Church – Fellowship Hall & online on Facebook Live!

Materials: Please bring a Bible, pencil and this PDF:

Grief Support Group

Description: Please join with the understanding that grief does not just come from the passing of a loved one – grief can be an emotion we feel from the loss of a job, family pet, moving to a new location, change in life circumstances, etc. This group will assist us in our mutual healing.

Time: Meeting the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month. The 1st Tuesday meeting will be at 10am; the 3rd Tuesday meeting will be at 6:30pm.

Location: The Yellow Brick Church 


Lunch with Jesus

Description: Please bring a packed lunch and join us for a time of fellowship and studying!

Time: Tuesdays, April 13-May 18 from noon-1pm

Location: The Yellow Brick Church 

Additional Offerings...

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